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Casa Laundromat Reviews and Testimonials

Very clean facility, lots of washers and dryers as well as dolly carts.

Great wash and dry folders.

Awesome! I may never do my own laundry again! Dropped it off last night, picked it up this morning and I love it! Clothes are clean and smell fresh, they are all neatly and perfectly folded. My batch included clothes, sheets, and towels. The socks were all matched up and paired. I will definitely use Casa Laundromat again while I'm waiting for my in house washer/dryer. And I think even after that I'll consider this for when I'm short on time and big on dirty laundry!

Nice and clean facility. Great employees if you need help or have questions. Clean bathrooms and vending machines (snacks and drinks) if needed. I came here to wash my heavy blanket before the winter came and it was a good experience. Very reasonably priced.

This place is amazing, the young ladies that work there are awesome, very nice and friendly. I love that I can take clothes (especially when I allow my laundry to pile up) one day and pick them up the next! The folding of my clothes is perfect and can't be beat. There's nothing like bringing perfectly folded and smelling good clothes home that are ready to be put away within 5mins of being home. I've been here a few times over the last two years and will keep going back.

Clean, fast, cheap. This is the only laundry facility I will go to near my home. Machines are always well maintained, fast and effective. The staff is always looking to help and provide your visit with a smile.