The Benefits of Ozone

May 06, 2022

Laundry Detergent Bottle On Towels Min

We have determined that Ozone is great for killing bacteria and viruses lurking in your clothing, but there are other benefits to washing your clothes with Ozone.

It's better for the environment. Ozone works best in cold water so you save on energy by not using hot water. Clothes dry faster as well, so you reduce energy spent on long dryer cycles. You will also need fewer rinse cycles because of the effectiveness of Ozone so water usage is reduced.

Ozone is better for your clothes. Because Ozone doesn't leave a chemical residue your clothes are softer and last longer. Clothes also last longer because of the shorter drying times. Ozone helps prevent re-deposition of soil into linen which is one of the reasons that fabrics fade.

So, when you bring your clothes into Casa Laundromat be sure to request Ozone for your clothes!

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